EU Commission’s webpage on cooperation with national courts on Antitrust (JIRP)

As the webpage remarks national courts play a key role in the enforcement of European competition policy. The page provides information on the application of Antitrust law by national courts.

The page deals with application of articles 101 and 102 TFEU by national courts in public and private application and Commission cooperation matters as information exchange, opinion giving and amicus curiae matters.

The web contains also information about training of national judges on competition law and the list of upcoming events, actions and trainings for judges.

Next one an ONLINE via zoom Meeting in Sofia (Bulgaria) in English the next 7 and 8 October dealing with state aid Procedures (incl. CJEU jurisprudence relevant to national judges, the role of national courts in the enforcement of EU state aid rules and state aid for Covid-19 Measures.

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