16 November, 2021

EU on line Judicial Competition Training on competition damages claims (JIRP)

Next 25th afternoon, 26th and 27th morning November, 2021 the University of Valencia (UVEG) offers for free, specialized training on these field under the direction of […]
26 October, 2021

Partial renewal of membership and entry into office of five new Judges of the Court of Justice(JIRP)

Presentation of the new Judges Maria Lourdes Arastey Sahún Judge Born in 1959 in Tarragona (Spain), Ms Maria Lourdes Arastey Sahún studied at the Universitat de […]
11 October, 2021

Digital Markets and Competition Law Workshop from European University of Rome into the Training of National Judges on European Competition Law Program (JIRP)

Next 18 October 2021 will held in Rome the Final Workshop, to be held in Rome in October 2021, professional experiences and topics addressed at National […]
4 October, 2021

Competition weekly e-news (JIRP)

Competition weekly e-news is a weekly electronic periodical published by the European Commission. Each issue is organized in the following sections: Antitrust, State aid, Conferences/Speeches, Court, […]
27 September, 2021

EU Commission’s webpage on cooperation with national courts on Antitrust (JIRP)

As the webpage remarks national courts play a key role in the enforcement of European competition policy. The page provides information on the application of Antitrust […]
20 September, 2021

What is happened with competition damages claims in Europe? (JIRP)

On 1st September 2021, Concurrences Review published the 5th edition of the Study “Cartel damages actions in Europe – How courts have assessed cartel overcharges” by […]
15 September, 2021

Helping national courts to deal with the quantification of damages matters (JIRP)

The Spanish National Commission of Markets and Competition is currently carrying out a public consultation of the Draft Guide for the Quantification of Damages for Competition […]
6 September, 2021

EU’s defence measures against unfair trade practices (JIRP)

Last August the 30th Executive Vice-President and Commissioner for Trade Valdis analyzed the Commission activity in this field during 2020. At the end of 2020, the […]
2 August, 2021

Communication from the Commission Notice on the enforcement of State aid rules by national courts (2021/C 305/01) OJ C 305, 30.7.2021, p. 1–28 (JIRP)

Communication from the Commission Notice on the enforcement of State aid rules by national courts (2021/C 305/01)  OJ C 305, 30.7.2021, p. 1–28 (JIRP) Yesterday 30th […]
28 July, 2021


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