EU on line Judicial Competition Training on competition damages claims (JIRP)

Next 25th afternoon, 26th and 27th morning November, 2021 the University of Valencia (UVEG) offers for free, specialized training on these field under the direction of Prof. Dr. Juan Ignacio Ruiz Peris by relevant judges of the main jurisdiction of EU, top professionals and academics, to judges of the EU State Members and Albania.

See Program attached.

Note the national reports include in Panels 2 and 3 Friday 26th morning:

09:30 Panel 2 “Comparative situation I”

• Compensation of damages in Germany Speaker: Mrs. Justice Dr. Christina von Merveldt (District Court nº1 Munich)

• Compensation of damages in The Netherlands Speaker: Mr. Justice R.A. Dudok van Heel (Senior Judge District Court of Amsterdam)

• Compensation of damages in the United Kingdom Speaker: Mr. Justice Marcus Smith (QC Chairman of the Competition Appeal Tribunal).

12:30 Panel 3 “Comparative situation II”

• Compensation of damages in France Speaker: Mrs. Justice Nathalie Dostert (President of Chamber for Competition Law Commercial Court of Paris, EDF Paris)

• Compensation of damages in Italy Speaker: Mrs. Justice Marina Tavassi (Former Chairman of the Court of Appeal of Milan)

• Compensation of damages in Spain Speaker: Mr. Justice Eduardo Pastor (Commercial law judge nº 3 Valencia).

Other than the very practical panels you may see a Mock Trial of a damages claim case Saturday November, the 27, morning, with the following participants.

Justice Purificación Martorell (Valencia Court of Appeal), Justice Enrique Sanjuan (Málaga Court of Appeal), Mr. Paul Hitchings (lawyer, Hitchings & Co, Madrid, who represented Conduit in the case in question), Mr. Tim Reher (lawyer, CMS, Hamburg), Mrs. Simone Kohnz (E.CA Economics, Berlin), Mr. Georges Siotis (Carlos III University, Madrid, and expert for Conduit in the case in question).

You may obtain a link to follow the event in English from your home of court registering for it in our webpage funded by the European Commission

To register, please follow this instructions:

  1. Click at the top/left the tab “Events”
  2. You will see at the top the following elements:



Digital Platforms, e-Commerce and Damages and European Competition Law

SESSION 1 Antitrust damages claims

Dates: 25th, 26th and 27th November, 2021


  • Fill the form.
  • Click on “Submit”

You will receive in two days an answer confirming your registration. Three days before the event. You will receive the link by mail.

We hope you profit of this training. Please feel free to expand this information to your judicial fellows and friends and to include it in any judicial chat, forum or network in your country.

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