Análisis procesal del informe sobre cuantificación de daños

Compensation of Damages in Germany

Digital Markets and Digital Markets Act

Compesation of damages in Spain

Exploitation conducts in digital platforms

Dominance in data as a competitive advantage

Conduit Case Study and Timeline

Compensation of damages in Italy

Plataformas digitales y UE

Competition Law Damages in Asia


The notion of undertaking.

Precios excesivos.

Public company and group of companies.

Intercambios de información.

Economic unity, identity and continuity of the undertaking as a means for liability imputation.

Cartels as restrictions by object.

Competition Law enforcement in regulated sectors.

Exploitative conducts in the pharmaceutical sector: from the Aspen case to the new frontiers of innovative/orphan drugs.

La aplicación de las prohibiciones antitrust al sector público.

Noción de empresas y asociaciones de empresas aplicadas al sector público y su interrelación con el Programa de Clemencia.


Exclusive territorial rights and contractual geo blocking.

Interacciones entre el comercio electrónico y los DPI desde la perspectiva del derecho de la competencia.

Manufacturer’s strategies to deal with the coexistence of online and offline distribution channels.

The Transposition of the Cartel Damages Directive into German Law.

E-commerce competition challenges for private law judges.

Evidence and economic studies assessment in competition cases from a procedure perspective

Horizontally related markets.

Market power.

Relevant market.

Litigation and regulatory strategies involving IP rights.

Vertically related markets

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