FECHA 2017

EDITORIAL Tirant lo Blanch

ISBN 978-84-9119-836-9



Derecho Europeo de la Competencia

Juan Ignacio Ruiz Peris, Carmen Estevan de Quesada

Derecho Europeo de la Competencia is the result of the Training of national judges in competition law programme that took place on the 22-24th October 2015 at the University of Valencia. The book deals with essential issues of Competition law as part of the legal order. These questions are sometimes foreign and even esoteric, for a classic lawyer, as the delimitation of the relevant market, problems linked to the abuse of dominance or the amicus curiae institution. Among the various authors, there are Judges of Provincial Courts, the Supreme Court and the ECJ, members of the European Commission and Spanish National Competition Authority as well as academics with an extensive experience in the practice of Competition law. The book is specially aimed at those lawyers not familiarized with competition law, specifically those who wish to claim damages in private enforcement cases.